VISION 2015 – Special Projects

PROJECTS for 2015

  • We praise God for his generosity over previous years in allowing us to continue to build and expand our ministries at Lakeshore. It is our joy to give you the privilege to give to the 2015 Projects. These will allow us to grow our current ministries and also reach out to our community with compassion.

1. Outreach

  • A Lakeshore Church profile raising campaign.
  • PRAYER GOAL—$1000
  • Community Connect Events Free Community Parenting Seminar, Art, Coffee & Music Night, Community Carols.
  • PRAYER GOAL—$2000
  • NEW INITIATIVE – Coffee Outreach Ministry (See Coffee Outreach Ministry vision below)
  • Queensland Theological College Mission Week – July 6-13
  • PRAYER GOAL—$2000

2. Future Leadership

Ministry Training Strategy

  • A key part of our 2015 Vision for Lakeshore is to raise up future leaders. In order to see this training apprentice commence in 2015 we are seeking funding for the two year apprenticeship.? Under the recent changes any money given is tax deductible.
  • PRAYER GOAL—$10 000

Future Leadership Fund

  • Full time Assistant Pastor for 2016
  • PRAYER GOAL –  $30 000 by 2016

3. Mercy Ministry Fund

  • We have increasing opportunities in our community for people in need. For example through our contact with Glenn Chambers the Scripture Union Chaplain from Kuluin . There are also growing needs through the ministry of Cubbyhouse and the Child Care Centre.
  • PRAYER GOAL—$1000

4. Children’s & Youth Ministry

  • We have been blessed by God with a growing number of children and youth. We need to continue to train and equip teachers and youth leaders to disciple them. We are planning to give opportunity for teachers and youth leaders to go to a training weekend.
  • PRAYER GOAL—$1000

5. Building Fund

  • We are blessed with a building that is debt free. We want to look after and make sure it is serviceable into the future.

General maintainance- leaks,lights and carpet.

Airconditioning to care for the older and the very young.

  • PRAYER GOAL—$2500


Coffee Ministry Vision & Plan

One of three main purposes we have as a church is ‘making disciples.’ We want to play our part in seeing some of the thousands of people on the Sunshine Coast come to know Jesus. Towards that end in 2015 as a church we want to increase our community engagement

But to reach a culture, you must first know the culture.

Let me ask you this. If you had a morning off, what might you do? A lot people would say: “Go out for a coffee” If you had a meeting, where might you meet?  Again a lot of people would say: “A Café” 20 years ago, this was not the case. Meetings would be held in offices. And if you had a morning off, you might do some work around the house, and have a cup of instant coffee/tea, with a home made slice at home. Our culture has changed.

BIS Shrapnel is Australia’s leading provider of industry research, analysis and forecasting services. In 2012 they published a report on coffee usage in Australia. They found that the total market for coffee in terms of number of units purchased away from home and away from work has increased by 20 per cent from 1.8 billion in 2010 to 2.1 billion in 2012.

“The away-from-home coffee market is expected to grow between 10 and 15 per cent within the next two years, driven very much by the younger generation, while coffee consumed in the workplace – both made at work and outside the workplace – is also expected to rise,” says Sissel. “The signs are there that Australia is becoming a coffee nation.”

And here is what is interesting to us-

The same report found that 47% of people who went out for coffee identified the main reason as being ‘relational’. Meeting friends, and spending time with them, was why they went out for coffee. In other words, coffee was the environment in which relationships grew.

Listen to this-

In 2010, reporter Mike Fleischmann wrote an article for Christianity Today. In researching what made a difference to people coming to faith, and growing in their faith, this is what he found.

“What made the real difference with the unchurched were personal relationships. The majority who find Christ, look back and say that it was a friend who influenced them toward faith. In my interviews, over and over again, people shared about someone in relationship with them.

This friendship may have been for a lifetime or just a season, but it was the right person at the right time that helped bring them to faith”

 Lakeshore exists to make disciples of Christ. To train, equip and support those who already know Jesus. But we also exist to introduce people to Jesus. And most of them are not coming to our church services to find Jesus. But they are going to coffee shops to find relationship. And in Australia, relationships are the first step of discipleship. And most people will come to faith through a relationship with someone.

What does all that mean to us?

We have many wonderful opportunities every week to be in relationship with people. To meet with people and show them authentic love and care. We have our- Playgroup; Seniors group; Community Carols; Art, Music and Coffee night.

But imagine this. What if we harnessed that coffee culture, and brought that environment into those spaces?

That doesn’t replace what is going on. But it compliments, and offers further opportunity for relationship building.

And what if we created further opportunities to harness the coffee culture?

Imagine being to offer coffee, on our property, care and relationship to parents after they drop off their children next door. Or we started to invite the staff next door over for coffee mornings to validate and affirm their work (or take it over to them) Or morning teas for parents next door. Or blessing our local businesses. (The closest coffee shop is 10 minutes away)

I am not suggesting that we become the coffee kings of North Buderim. But I am urging us to see the culture that we are a part of, and to intentionally harness that for the sake of Jesus.

– Relationships are the major reason people go out for coffee

– People find faith through relationships

– Our church is called to help people find, and grow in faith.

It seems a simple equation.

So why am I sharing this with you?

What if? Lets ask that question today.

What if we were able to access a good coffee machine that made quality coffee?

What if some of us were trained to be excellent barista’s?

What if some of us were excellent listeners, willing to be there for others? Willing and able to sit with a parent who is having a bad day and needs someone to offload to. Willing and able to express love and encouragement to our neigbours, both Child Care and businesses, through the gift of coffee.

What if?

Engaging with our community means being with them, learning the names and stories, and offering hope in Jesus. Coffee is just the tool.

If this excites you, come and talk with me. Don’t think that you are not able to do this. If you are a human being, and you can listen more than you talk, you are capable. If the love of Jesus resides in your life, and you can pray, you are capable. Any other aspects that need training, we will provide. So come and talk to me today.

Logistically, we need a coffee machine. But the great news is that we are very close to receiving one. Our friends from the Mission Division of CofC see this as a wonderful opportunity to support our local mission and will be providing us with the machine.

We have the opportunities. More than we can cope with. Now we need you to say, “I’m in. What can I do?”

This will not happen overnight. But it is now that we need to plan, shape and prepare, and trust God will do His work in and through our humble efforts.

For His renown,



LT Hopper served as the Senior Pastor at Lakeshore Church from 2007-2015.

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