This week’s website: The Rebelution – Rebelling Against Low Expectations

Website link: The Rebelution – Rebelling Against Low Expectations

“Welcome to the Rebelution: We are a teenage rebellion against low-expectations.

“When culture tells us we don’t have anything to offer until we’ve drained our teen years wasting our “meaningless” time on ourselves, we beg to differ.

“We believe God has given us the gifts, talents, time, and energy to enter the fray of world-changers and start bringing God’s kingdom to earth “as it is in heaven.”

“Whether that’s serving our church, starting a kids club in our neighborhood, writing a book, starting a non-profit, or simply taking our little brother out for ice-cream–we’re ready to step into the opportunities God has laid right in front of us.

“We’re not gonna wait till we’re graduated and trying to make ends-meet before we step up to the plate: We’re doing it now while we have plenty of time and our knees still work.”

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Bill Forgeard has been the Senior Pastor at Lakeshore Church since 2016. You can read his bio and find contact options under the "The Team" section of the About menu.

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