This Week’s Articles: Is Evangelism Easy?

Recently two Australian Pastors, Peter Ko and Steve McAlpine, disagreed over the simple question, “Is Evangelism Easy?” You can read their back and forth discussion in these three very helpful articles:

Evangelism is Easy?!, by Peter Ko

“A few years ago our next door neighbour began investigating Jesus with her husband. When it was obvious that she had genuinely come to understand grace and very visibly begun a relationship with God, it was so thrilling for us to see change occur. All the lights began to go on, joy and peace tangibly descended on to her very demeanor. In a short period of time even the way she spoke and thought was transformed.” Read more…

Is Evangelism Easy?, by Steve McAlpine

“I wonder if Peter Ko’s recent article, Evangelism It’s Easy?!, paid enough attention to the vastly different world we are toiling away in here in the West? Sure, some of my enthusiasm to talk about Jesus might come from my delight in him. But even if I am delighting in Jesus I do not think we can responsibly say evangelism is easy.” Read more…

Evangelism is Easy?! Revisited, by Peter Ko

“It’s probably worth pointing out the obvious as I begin. Stephen and I are writing from two different perspectives and with two different purposes.” Read more…

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