This week’s article: Three Book Reviews about God’s Kingdom

Article link: Book(s) review: God’s Big Picture, Gospel & Kingdom, and According to Plan, by Vaughan Roberts and Graeme Goldsworthy (by Nicolas Piotrowski, from

Our God’s Big Picture series this term is taken from Vaughan Roberts’ book, God’s Big Picture. In turn, this book is based on Graeme Goldsworthy’s book, Gospel & Kingdom. Graeme Goldsworthy has also written a more in depth book on the same topic, called According To Plan.

This book review from 9 Marks summarises all three books, and why this is such an important and helpful topic.

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  1. Stefan Reply

    I’m reading through this at the moment and finding it thought provoking. Sometimes I wonder if covenant is a better big picture theme because kingdom emphasises rule and authority whereas at times it seems the point is more about Gods relationship with us rather than His authority over us. Nevertheless it’s a great way to establish a mental framework around thinking through how it all fits together.

    • Bill Forgeard Reply

      Hey Stef – fantastic.

      I love the variety of themes and images that the Bible uses. I’ve been reflecting on the rich biblical theology of food – from the tree in the garden to the feast in the new creation. Each highlights a different aspect of God’s character and the nature of his salvation plan. Good point regarding the difference between Kingdom and Covenant. We need both. I’m not sure whether either one is a “better” overall guiding theme for salvation history, but I do default to talking about rule & reign.

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