This week’s article: The value of training women for ministry

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This week’s article is an interview by Lauren Driscoll with Tracey Gowing, the director of Women’s Ministry with university student ministry AFES. They discuss the role of women in paid Christian ministry, the opportunities and challenges of ministry training for women and the way men & women can work together in ministry.


“I believe in complementarianism; I think that’s what the Bible teaches. So if men and women working together as one is significant, how do you model that in a leadership or church context? If you can have volunteer women as part of your leadership team, that’s fantastic! That’s why we had a huge number of women involved in ministry in the past—their husbands funded it. But that’s not always possible. Paying women frees them up for theological training and then working on leadership teams with men. It expresses the richness that you can have in complementarianism.

“There are also contexts where having a female on a staff team is particularly important. One is student ministry. There are more female students than male students in Australian universities.”

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