This week’s article: Stay fresh as you serve this year

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“How are you feeling about your ministries at church this year? In the life cycle of my church, the start of the year is when many of us recommit to areas of serving. Sometimes, especially if we’re returning to ministries we’ve been doing for a while, we can feel less than enthusiastic. Another year of teaching rowdy kids? Another year of leading a small group of complex people? Another year of coaxing a half-hearted congregation into singing? We can feel like the mythical King Sisyphus who was condemned by Zeus to eternally roll a boulder up a hill—only for it to slip and roll back to the bottom every time. Will this be our experience this year?

“Happily, it needn’t be so. God has given us great teaching in the Bible to help us think rightly about ‘repetitive’ ministry. In addition, I think there are a few (biblically informed) strategies that can keep us fresh and enthusiastic as we serve.”

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Bill Forgeard has been the Senior Pastor at Lakeshore Church since 2016. You can read his bio and find contact options under the "The Team" section of the About menu.

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