This week’s article: Rethinking the Proverbs 31 Standard

Article Link: Who Can find Her? Rethinking the Proverbs 31 Standard (by Adrien Segel, from Desiring God)

“When we look to God’s word to find guidance about how to be the best wife and mother we can be, we simply cannot escape Proverbs 31. Who wouldn’t want to be as talented, productive, strong, caring, and fearless as this woman?

“But as normal human beings, many of us are more likely to cringe when this seemingly perfect woman is set before us as the example. Who can find her, indeed! Not everyone has good business sense or opportunities. Many do not have the gifts and creativity to make clothes for the family and household. I don’t know if I’ve met anyone who is both a morning person and a night person like this woman.

“If the Proverbs 31 woman only stirs in us guilt that even on our best day we lack the ability to meet the standard for our calling, what help is she to women striving to honor God? …

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