This week’s article: Life is Hard. Jesus Doesn’t Make it Easier.

Article Link: Life is Hard. Jesus Doesn’t Make it Easier, by Collin Hansen (from The Gospel Coalition website)

“Did you know life was going to be this hard? I must have missed all the school assemblies devoted to disappointment and failure. I don’t remember any class on how to adult. At least sports were somewhat realistic. Neither the teams I rooted for nor the teams I played on experienced much success. More often than the thrill of victory I knew the agony of defeat.

“A little later on I recited the vows. Better or worse. Richer or poorer. In sickness and in health. But how was I supposed to know what any of this meant at 22 years old? You’re too young to even understand you’re poor. Sickness? At our age? That only happens in summer blockbusters young men are obligated to take their girlfriends to see.

“When life seems worse than expected, we’re told, “It gets better.”

“But what if it doesn’t?”

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