This week’s article: How to stay focused during group prayer

Article link: How to stay focused during group prayer (by Rachel MacDonald, from

“Problems with focus stem from a variety of sources: stress at work, lack of sleep, hunger. I’m sure you can think of at least five of your own. A lot of them we can’t do anything about; we just have to wait for them to pass and try the best we can in the meantime.

“That’s why I decided that my mental wanderings during prayer times at church and Bible study were no longer to be excused or ignored. I can’t wait for the magical day where my toddler hasn’t exhausted me and I don’t have a headache and I’m not imagining lunch and you get the point.

“I decided to try a few different ways to stay on task while listening and agreeing with the person praying aloud on my behalf. Here’s some I found helpful.”

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