This week’s article: Discernment in Our Times

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As someone who lives by herself, I’m enjoying the fun new phenomena of virtual communal TV viewing. Admittedly that makes it sound far more technical and impressive an endeavour than it really is. Basically, I sit in my lounge room while some of my friends sit in their lounge rooms and ‘together’ we watch the same TV show whilst heckling and joking with one another via social media commentary.

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was a perfect occasion for some virtual communal TV viewing. When it came to the sermon, we all held our collective breath to see if Bishop Curry would speak of Jesus to the estimated one billion people who were watching. When he declared that Jesus “died to save us all” we were all excited—perhaps even a little relieved. My monitor screen was flooded with comments of praise and commendation for Bishop Curry’s boldness and faithfulness.

Yet, as I watched the Duke and Duchess climb into their gilded carriage and travel off towards their happily-ever-after, a sense of disquiet crept across me. As I reflected on the full content of Bishop Curry’s wedding sermon, I wondered if the gospel truly had been proclaimed—or more accurately, if the gospel had been proclaimed truly.

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