This week’s article: Defend Your Body With the Word

This week’s article: Defend Your Body With the Word, by Karen Beilharz (from

“Lately I’ve been feeling unhappy with my body. This is a little new: in the past my body and I got on (well, more or less). To be honest, even though I fed and cared for it, I mostly ignored it. I wasn’t that concerned about my appearance, and there were too many other things happening in my life for me to want to expend valuable brain space on worrying about what I wore, ate or looked like…

“But part of the problem, I know, is myself: I haven’t learned contentment. I haven’t fought to infuse my thinking about body image with God’s word. I haven’t wrestled with this because, for most of my life, my body conformed to the pattern of the world—and as long as it conformed, I felt little pressure. But now that it doesn’t, I’ve been caught unprepared.”

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