The Gospel for ALL of life

Through our series in Galatians I have been talking a lot about the Gospel being the A-Z of the Christian life not just the ABC of the Christian life. The Gospel is for all of life not just for the beginning of the Christian life. Last Sunday I mentioned an article by Tim Keller on the centrality of the Gospel which I have shared below.  I also shared some books that are written to help us know how the Gospel works out in different areas of our life. Below is a list of the books. I have included a book on parenting I read this week which is very helpful and a talk by the author of the book.


The Everyday Gospel – A theology of washing the dishes by Tim Chester

Gospel Centred Family – Tim Chester

Gospel Centred Work – Tim Chester

Give them grace – dazzling your kids with the love of Jesus by Elyse Fitzpatrick

Give them grace talk

LT Hopper served as the Senior Pastor at Lakeshore Church from 2007-2015.

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