The Gospel – Good News not Good Advice

Last Sunday I spoke about the Gospel being good news before it is good advice. Good advice is what you get from someone when you have an issue that you need help with. What  you get in good advice is something that hasn’t been done that needs to be done. It ends up being dependent on whether you take the good advice and then whether you can
‘DO’ what is required. What comes with this is a real sense of insecurity and if not fear. You act out of fear not knowing what will happen and not being sure if it will ‘work’ to fix the problem.
On the other hand good news is information about something that has happened or has been done. This means it is not about what you need to do but about what has been done.
There is nothing else to do. When you are told good news the response is thankfulness especially if you benefit from the good news. The Gospel is good news as it is the announcement of what God has done for us in Jesus dying on the cross for us. He has ‘DONE’ what was needed for us to be saved. For us to be rescued from God’s judgment that we deserve.
This means we don’t live in fear or being unsure. We can be confident and live with joy knowing that we are saved because of what God has done. Jesus’ work for us on the cross is finished.  There is nothing that needs to be or can be added to it.
LT Hopper served as the Senior Pastor at Lakeshore Church from 2007-2015.

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