Parenting Seminar 2018: Parenting in the Internet Age
August 13, 2018

Parenting Seminar 2018: Parenting in the Internet Age

Children of today are the most digitally connected, socially informed, advertised and sexualised generation in history. Parents need to be aware of the social context of their lives and be in a trusting relationship with them, to help them to grow as whole sexually healthy human beings, capable of making informed decisions about life. Ignorance is no longer an option -- parents are their primary guides and educators.

Patricia Weerakoon, a Christian sexologist and author, explores the challenges of parenting children in a super-sexualised cyber world. She will look at recent research on the adolescent brain and social media and consider how parents can understand and respond to common ideas about identity, sexuality and gender.

Recording contains Patricia's presentation, followed by a Q&A session.

See for more resources from Patricia, and you can find recordings from Lakeshore's parenting seminars in previous years here.

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