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Parenting in an age of anxiety

Many parents would agree that while raising children can be a joyful experience it can also have its fair share of stressful moments. Lakeshore Community Church are hosting a free parenting seminar in June, presented by guest speaker Dr Carolyn Russell in order to address some of the common anxieties parents experience.

Dr Russell, a mother of three and a GP who now works in the areas of mental health and counselling, believes that modern expectations and standards set by society have created a fast-paced environment which can heighten the anxiety experienced by many parents.

A recent survey by the Australian Psychology Society revealed that Australian adults are feeling more stressed than ever before. Over a quarter of respondents reported experiencing high to severe levels of stress with family and financial issues being the leading causes.


The negative effects of stress on the physical and mental well-being of families have been well-documented but parents are often at a loss with how to better manage stress in their lives.

Through the seminar, Dr Russell aims to explore ways of better managing stress and hopes to equip parents with some useful tools to assist in the raising of happy, healthy children in spite of the demands society places on parents.

“We can’t always change the culture totally, but we can do something different to raise children to be healthier and have better outcomes”, she maintains.

The Parenting in an age of anxiety seminar will take place at Lakeshore community church in North Buderim on Wednesday June 11 from 7.30-9pm. To register for the seminar or for further information visit or call (07) 5476 7085


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