The aim of the Children’s ministry programme at Lakeshore is to see our children made, matured and mobilised as disciples of Jesus. God calls parents and grandparents to train their children in the way of the Lord, and we are pleased to partner with families in this role.


    • Parents are welcome to use the Creche, located at the back of the church. The Crèche is available for babies to 3 years old during the whole service.  The air-conditioned room has age appropriate toys and activities, change table facilities and a speaker which enables the service to be heard.

    • During the second half of the service a programme for children aged 3 years to Grade 7 is run in the child care centre next door to the church. Parents are required to register their child on the sign in/out sheet before the service.Please ensure a registration form is completed for each child. Also please note children 9 years and older may sign themselves in and out provided a parental permission form has been completed.

      When it is time for the programme, the service leader will direct children to meet outside. Children will then be taken by the teachers and helpers to the child care centre. All teachers and helpers wear an ID card lanyard, so they can be easily recognised. At the end of the church service parents are required to collect their child from the child care centre and sign the sign in/out register.


    • Kids Alive Curriculum Topics Term Overview 2013

    • Lambs 3 to 5 years old

      Term 1: God our creator.

      Term 2: God our creator – 7 days of creation.  God cares and loves us.

      Term 3: Who is Jesus?

      Term 4: Jesus our Saviour. 

    • JAM Prep to Year 1

      Term 1: Who is God? Who is Jesus? From Genesis and Matthew

      Term 2: God cares for people who trust Him. From Genesis

      Term 3: Trusting God and living for him. A focus on prayer

      Term 4: Jesus teaches about God’s Kingdom. From the gospels

    • JUMP Years 2 to 4

      Term 1: What has God done for his people?  Jesus – from Luke’s gospel

      Term 2: God the creator and covenant maker. From Genesis

      Term 3: God rescues his people. From Exodus to Joshua

      Term 4: Living in God’s family. Jesus’ teaching from Matthew

    • GIG Years 5 to 7

      Term 1: Through the eyes of Dr Luke – One the trail of the real Jesus

      Term 2:  God the creator and covenant maker. From Genesis

      Term 3: Led and fed by God. From Exodus to Joshua

      Term 4: Preparing for Christ’s return. From Ephesians and Revelation.