Galatians: Freedom in Christ Alone (Part 1)

Here are some articles related to our upcoming series on Galatians, “Freedom in Christ Alone” (part 1). Click on the titles for the full articles.


How Christ Fulfilled and Ended the Old Testament Regime (by John Piper)

The glory of Jesus Christ shines more clearly when we see him in his proper relation to the Old Testament. He has a magnificent relation to all that was written. It is not surprising that this is the case, because he is called the Word of God incarnate (John 1:14). Would not the Word of God incarnate be the sum and consummation of the Word of God written? Consider these summary statements and the texts that support them…


What Should Christians Do With the Old Testament Law? (from Fervr)

First, it’s important to understand what Old Testament (OT) law is…

There are hundreds of laws found in the OT books Exodus to Deuteronomy, but not all laws are created equal. Out of all those laws, 10 of them have a special place – the 10 commandments. The 10 commands were spoken directly by God to Israel from the fire and the cloud that covered the mountain (Ex. 19:16-18), and the rest of the laws were given by God through Moses. In fact it’s fair to say that all the other laws are really just breaking down the 10 commands into specific cases for a particular group of people (Israelites), for a particular time in history (before Jesus), and in a particular place (Israel)…


Justification by Faith (by John Piper)

God did his most deadly work to destroy hopelessness and futility and provincial cowardice. He gave up his Son to torture and death. A perfect life, a perfect death, and the decisive work was done. …


The Promise, the Law and Jesus (Chart) (from Visual Unit)

A visual representation of Galatians 3.


Paul’s First Mission (Map) (from Visual Unit)

Where is Galatia anyway?


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