Can we get on with it?

In Galatians Paul has been intensely clearing up the confusion the believers had about how to be accepted by God. He was clarifying the Gospel that says we are accepted on the basis of Jesus’ death for us. He is doing this not only so the believers are sure they are accepted by God but also so the Gospel can continue to go to other people who have not yet heard about Jesus. The Gospel is not going to go out to others if not even the believers are clear about what the Gospel is. Paul wants the believers to be clear about the Gospel so they can get on with the Gospel going out.

So many things can distract us from the priority of taking the good news of Jesus to others. I’m sure you know what I mean. There are so many things that we’ve got to do as Christians on top of just living life. We’ve got to go to church on Sunday; teaching Sunday school; go to Growth Group. Then in the midst of all these issues arise that take our attention. These can be both good and not so good. There are people who have needs in my group that I need to practically love. There are other things like ‘style’ of the music at church that become distractions. These are important and are a necessary part of church family life. However at the same time we need to keep focused on the Gospel going out through us as a priority. You might be thinking well yes I know that we are meant to be living with sharing the Gospel as a major priority but HOW do I do it?

If something is to be a priority because it is God’s priority you will make every effort and do some hard work in getting help to live out that priority. This is true of other areas of life. If we decide to enter a five kilometre run we put in the hard work and start training. What step will you take to get help to live out the priority of sharing the Gospel with people?

Here’s a talk by Sam Chan as somewhere to start. ‘Everyday Evangelism.’

LT Hopper served as the Senior Pastor at Lakeshore Church from 2007-2015.

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