Romans #24: Being honest and humble in our struggles with sin

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Sunday, March 22, 2020 (Sunday AM)

Bible Text: Romans 7:13-25 |


Lakeshore Livestream, Sunday March 22 (Romans 7:13-25)

Lakeshore livestream #1 - Sunday March 22 (Romans 7:13-25)

Posted by Lakeshore Church - Sunshine Coast on Saturday, March 21, 2020

You can replay the entire livestream by clicking on the video above, or listen to the audio of just the sermon by clicking on the grey audio icon.

Romans 7:13-25

God's Grace allows us to be honest & humble about our struggles with sin
1. The law is good, but it's powerless to overcome sin (Rom 7:13)
2. The inner struggle of a believer (Rom 7:14-20)
3. The honest humility of a believer (Rom 7:21-23)
4. The joyful hope of believer (Rom 7:24-25)

Due to the coronavirus public health situation, this sermon was preached during a Live Stream, which you can view here on our Facebook page.

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