Luke #69: Because Jesus lives and reigns, we worship and witness

Passion Graphic

Sunday, June 24, 2018 (Sunday PM)

Bible Text: Luke 24:36-53 |


1. The Reality of the Resurrection - "Peace be with you": Despite the disciples fears, failures and doubts, Jesus brings them peace. That's grace!

2. Mission: Word-directed, Spirit-empowered - "He opened their minds". Humility that we can't understand what's most important without help, and submission that we can't decide for ourselves what's true. Word + Spirit: work together - "Understand the Scriptures" + "power from on high" (gives us our message and our mission + brings the results).

3. Worship the King Who Reigns on High - three responses from the disciples: Worship, Joy, Expectation.

We come to the end of Luke's record of Jesus' life, death and resurrection. We have heard the gospel. How do we respond? Repent and believe, worship and witness.


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